Medical Marijuana in Florida

Do you Qualify for Tampa Medical Cannabis?

Medical marijuana has been legalized in Florida. There are state authorized medical marijuana dispensaries all around the state where you can get medical cannabis if you have a prescription. You need to consult doctors in Florida and you would be prescribed medical marijuana based on your requirement. Every case is studied and whether or not you would be recommended medical cannabis will depend on the diagnosis of your condition. Doctors can recommend a Florida medical marijuana card which will enable you to purchase medical cannabis from the dispensaries. You could be prescribed a onetime use or regular use depending on your exact health condition.

You should know the different health ailments or medical conditions that will qualify you for medical marijuana in Florida. While medical marijuana was initially proposed to be available for all, at least by the active proponents who pushed for the referendum, yet medical cannabis is restricted to a few health ailments and specific symptoms or conditions as per the ruling of the Florida Supreme Court.
9 Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Tampa, Florida

Tampa residents can get a Florida medical marijuana card or get medical cannabis of a certain kind of dosage based on the prescription of doctors for the following health conditions:

• Cancer
• Epilepsy
• Glaucoma
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease
• Crohn’s disease
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis

In addition to these nine conditions, you can be eligible for medical cannabis in Florida if you are suffering a great deal of pain owing to a medical condition or injury, if you are recovering from an injury and are in substantial discomfort, if you have physical weakness due to any physiological or musculoskeletal problem, if you have neurological problems of any kind affecting your life and physical ability, if you have serious weakness and any kind of enfeeblement. Impaired strength or physical weakness has been considered acceptable conditions and even as symptoms by the Florida Supreme Court to qualify a person for medical marijuana.

All such exceptional scenarios are treated on a case by case basis, entirely on the merits and severity. Doctors will study the symptoms, assess the options, consider traditional medicine and medical marijuana and accordingly recommend the best treatment. In most cases, it could be a combination of both approaches. In time one expects the list of medical conditions will be expanded to account for many other common health ailments and diseases.

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